Join us for an intimate wine and food experience on 24th January at 7.30pm. The event will help bridge the gap between the wine drinker and the wine maker. Because at its hear, enjoying wine isn’t about tasting notes, snobbish frowns, legs, noses or polished spittoons. It’s about you, and the people clinking their glasses with you. Because in centuries of drinking wine, one thing has never changed; you don’t drink a bottle of wine, you share it. Our Tasting at the Duck on the Pond offers the opportunity to sample the full range of our chef’s Sean’s repertoire and wouldn’t you like to know which wines go well with fish, game or chocolate? Well you are in luck, because these are exactly the type of questions we at the Duck on The Pond want to answer for you.

To book a table you can call in or do it using our online booking just choose the 24th January and follow the prompts.

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